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Reasons to Learn French

French is quite simply an auditory treat. The smooth sounding vocabulary naturally rolls off French speakers' lips, unadulterated by guttural sounding vowels or harshly sharp consonants. The pleasing sound of the language is reason enough to learn French, however the list of reasons to learn French stretch far beyond the enchanting audio.

Travel to Paris

Need we say more? Even if you haven't made the trek across the pond to view the city of love, you already are aware of some of its world-renowned attractions. From the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe, the architecture in France could occupy an architecture enthusiast for years. Shopping on the Champs-Élysées will leave you fashionably ready to tour the rest of Europe. Visiting a show at Moulin Rouge is certainly a bucket list item most people should have on their lists. And the pastries? We can't even begin!

Global Language

French is the only language other than English spoken on all 5 continents. Spoken by almost 300 million people worldwide, French is either a first or second language for people across the globe from Tahiti to Africa to Quebec to the Caribbean. Not only that but after English and German, French is the most used language on the Internet. Even ahead of Spanish! What this means is that understanding French opens the world of media communications, especially on the Internet. It can additionally help you keep up with world news, as the French news media outlets are some of the most referenced in Europe.

The Language of Love

The melodious tone of French is a natural reason for the language to be dubbed romantic. French has a way of facilitating an ambiance of calmness, which could be the reason many women and men are easily smitten by it. Aside from the language itself, filmmakers have historically chosen Frenchmen and women as symbols of love, and cities like Paris as romantic settings. This causes many who watch film to recall those irresistibly romantic moments and tie them to the French people or the French language itself. Given the strong affiliation of love and French, a trip to France is a common gift for couples to go on a romantic vacation, a setting to get married, or the bonding getaway to lock in their love on the bridges of Paris.

The Language of Class

A command of French is not a prerequisite to enjoying the finer things in life. However the language carries with it a natural politeness and air of class. As you learn French, you will find it is easy to gravitate toward the more elegant elements of your new languages' culture. Fine dining, haute couture, learning to c'est la vie, visiting glamorous chateaus, embracing French ideas and French words define the sophisticated lifestyle. To become more acquainted with the language and lifestyle, finding local places that use the language is a great way to practice. One of the easiest places is restaurants that serve French cuisine and allow natural participation in French etiquette. Think of all the croissants, baguettes, macarons, and crêpes you can enjoy whilst learning arguably the most sophisticated of the romance languages.

30% of English Words are French

If you speak English, you already know many French words and the French alphabet. English is the linguistic offspring of German and French, the latter being the official language in England until around the 14th century. This becomes obvious when looking at the long list of English words with French roots, or alternatively French words that look very familiar. However, while many words and meanings have been adopted by English, you might be surprised how these words are pronounced in French, and in many cases what they mean in their native language. As a free benefit of learning French, you will actually speak and understand English better.

The Influence of French

The influence of the French language and lifestyle permeates global culture through written communications. As previously mentioned, French is the second most used language on the Internet, which means understanding French can streamline relations across personal and business affiliations. Literature wouldn't be where it is without classic French authors. From Voltaire to Dumas to Hugo's Les Misérables, those who speak French have heavily influenced literature. Given that some of the most prized written works in history were written in French, they are also best read in French. Even today, Charlie Hebdo has recently been the news as a satirical magazine that didn't apologize for their humor but instead continued writing the same material. This demonstration of the French spirit is something whose nuanced commentary on world events is best appreciated in its native language.

When choosing a language to learn, French is an excellent choice. Between the expanded ability to travel, communicate, and experience the culture of France, French is a language that can improve your style of living and expand your linguistic horizons.

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