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Italian Tutors

Students are discovering how much fun Italian classes can be at our language institute in Beverly Hills. Learning about the culture and language of Italy is such a treat that students regularly meet in one of the area restaurants to practice casually over lunch. Instructors are accessible and eager to share their knowledge of and love for their native lands. This makes a rich atmosphere for learning one of the world's most popular romance languages.

Make New Friends in Italian Classes in Los Angeles

Learning a foreign language for the first time can be daunting, but small, quality classes are built for beginners and advanced speakers alike. Students can laugh and learn with their peers in relaxed language courses whose goals are fun and progress. Knowledgeable tutors enjoy teaching, and the process enriches everyone.

Our Los Angeles school offers time for socializing and using newfound skills. Our language school holds cultural events that let Italian students mingle with those learning French, Chinese or Arabic. The energizing mix keeps students' interest high and learning on course and moving forward.

The well-organized school makes it easy for residents of Los Angeles, Santa Monica or Culver City to attend weekly lessons. The attractive location, on-site parking and day or evening meeting times mean convenience. Our effective program that shows measurable success over eight weeks motivates students to finish each term and progress to higher levels. While these Italian skills will be useful, it is the friends made in the classroom that keep many students returning, some to learn an additional language. The friendly staff members at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute look forward to speaking to new students at (323) 651-5000.

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