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High Quality Spanish Courses

Spanish classes at BHLI prepare Los Angeles residents to travel around the world or as far as the Hispanic corner store. Students who want to build or improve language skills to use for business, with friends and family, or on a trip to Spain, Mexico, Central America or South America should sign-up for once-a-week classes. You will be placed in small groups that progress together to become proficient in Spanish. This group progression lies at the core of effective Spanish courses at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute in Los Angeles, California.

We believe that for learning a language, classroom learning is far superior to internet- or home-based programs. Since the goal is to use Spanish skills, interaction with others is intrinsically important. While traveling, people skills learned in language dialogues will come in handy. The ability to get specific examples and answers to questions from a teacher helps beginning speakers to comprehend quickly and easily.

High-Quality Spanish Classes in Los Angeles

One reason to take language lessons from the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, a Los Angeles school, rather than choosing DVD or online packages is our pool of exceptional instructors. Most of our teachers are drawn from the local university programs, have traveled extensively, and are native speakers who give students inside information on destinations, trends and customs in their countries. Students can prepare to travel by learning from someone who understands the local sensibility.

Choosing the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute as their language school gives southern California residents endless options. Our diverse student body, many of whom are interested in and knowledgeable about traveling, is a valuable resource. For students looking to build a cultural network, the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute offers more than 40 Spanish courses each term as well as courses in more than 25 other languages. Staff members can be contacted at (323) 651-5000.

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